While we cherish education we desire to see all children access their right to education, while some children are gifted with skills and need to be supported excel with their gifts as well.It’s in this sense that you journey with us in ending poverty and illiteracy through education.  


No matter where you live, your community can get involved raising money for Nissi Rephidim Care. Whether a fair, a jumble sale, a sports challenge or a dinner party it’s great to raise money in groups and enjoy it along the way. If you have any ideas and would like support our Community Fundraisers then contact us and feel free to email us with your fundraising stories and send us the best photos of the action. We want to give credit where it’s due and inspire others to follow in your footsteps!


From worship teams we’ve had some incredible groups raising money for us. If you’re part of a group, club or organization that considers fundraising for us then get in touch. 


Help vulnerable children have the childhood that they deserve. A gift to Nissi Rephidim Care in your Will is a legacy that will benefit children for generations to come. Click here to download our bronchure Legacy Brochure Nissi Rephidim Care.

What legacy would you like to leave from your life? Imagine how different our world would be if all children enjoyed the happy childhoods in safe and loving families that they deserve.

Across the world, millions of children are forced to spend the most important years of their lives scared, alone and in poverty. Without the protection of loving parents, these children are victims of violence, abuse, stigma and exploitation. The circumstances that separate children from their families are complex, but simple practical and sustainable solutions can stop families being torn apart while the homeless given a shelter.

Have you considered putting Nissi Rephidim Care in your Will? If so, we would like to know to better understand your desires and wishes. Nissi Rephidim Care is available to help you leave a legacy of helping Orphans and Vulnerable Children after your time here on earth. For more information on services and assistance in giving a gift that keeps giving for you which may save you and your family estate taxes, an investment to help children without parental care reach their full potential. Please contact Daniel Atwenda our  CEO.