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Welcome to Nissi Rephidim Care

Nissi Rephidim Care is God’s reflection of victory in raising Him as “Banner of Victory” Exodus 17:8-15; for upholding us in His ministry as stewards of His children. Through our programs, we bond with children and raise them to love Jesus and understand God’s purpose through us in their lives.

In carrying the burden of these hurting children, we believe they belong to families. We nurture and mentor children under our care sharing God’s love. A Development Plan – is in mind with your support as we carry the responsibility of raising future leaders for the Kingdom.


Raising Hope, Enabling Torchbearers into the Future.


To support and care for Orphans and other Vulnerable Children throughout their spiritual, physical, social and emotional lives through strategic partnerships.


To support Orphans and other Vulnerable Children through bonding, meeting their basic needs and encouraging creativity.

Our Stories

  • Daniel Atwenda whose initiative and drive is passionate about vulnerable children. At 20 years God was speaking to him in a new perspective to have a heart that shares concern for the children under rejection.

    This arose after witnessing an incidence marked with injustice to hungry children in their innocence on the street, asking for something to eat from three ladies who were passing by from the same church, and the children were pushed off with a beating. This really pushed him to the wall; “though we may not feel helping the children on the streets we do not beat them up. How will they learn to leave if there are no acts of mercy for the hungry children?” It was an act of injustice and since then God was speaking to him into blessing such as these. He saw his spiritual role and a dream was born. He was persuaded to hold the dream till completing his education and ventured into his calling, from the dwelling of knowing what it means to trust God. He started seeing his spiritual role in the lives of the innocent souls he meet in rejection; it was evident that he was being raised for a task to which God had for him. His mind suddenly convicted him that “if God’s Kingdom is to prosper, then you and I must step forward to mentor, guide, and set themselves to learn. God allows us to mentor others only for a season, and then we must allow them to graduate into the hands of the great mentor, the Holy Spirit”. His passion was driving him to act and fulfill the divine purpose of his life.
    If God can use a mule to speak (Numbers 22:28), He certainly can select anyone or anything else that will have an impact accomplishing His will; will you be ready to share and care for the vulnerable children next to you who are abused, rejected, disadvantaged and homeless.

    Daniel Atwenda
    President & CEO