The Hope bearing Ministry..

Welcome to Nissi Rephidim Care

Nissi Rephidim Care is God’s reflection of victory in raising Him as “Banner of Victory” Exodus 17:8-15; for upholding us in His ministry as stewards of His children. Through our programs, we bond with children and raise them to love Jesus and understand God’s purpose through us in their lives.

In carrying the burden of these hurting children, we believe they belong to families. We nurture and mentor children under our care sharing God’s love. A Development Plan – is in mind with your support as we carry the responsibility of raising future leaders for the Kingdom.


Raising Hope, Enabling Torchbearers into the Future.


To support and care for Orphans and other Vulnerable Children throughout their spiritual, physical, social and emotional lives through strategic partnerships.



To support Orphans and other Vulnerable Children through bonding, meeting their basic needs and encouraging creativity.


Every member of Nissi Rephidim Care, the staff, volunteers, sponsors share the same core values. These are the backbone of our organizational principals in seeing the mission thrive.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY to God, beneficiaries and funders to the things we are entrusted.
  • INTEGRITY in having the courage to act and live by one’s conviction.
  • PROFESSIONALISM of the spirit to and passion in ones expertise.
  • TRANSPARENCY in the services we render to those we are entrusted by God.
  • PARTNERSHIPS AND NETWORKING with a number of organizations and individuals ready to stand with us.
  • ENDING STIGMATIZATION among the vulnerable children which put children into untold fear.
Our Kids enjoy evening games