Vipawa Children’s Art Museum strongly believes that children are born artistic

—Daniel Atwenda, CEO


The Vipawa Children’s Art Museum (VCAM) was conceived in 2016, and opened its temporary home in 2017 and later redesigned the space in 2020 on Wilson Avenue, Jinja. It does run exhibitions and art programs; In 2022 it re-opened with new programs the Kids Art Classes, and Museum – Schools collaborations, schools visiting and Kids Holiday Arts. The Museum will be home of Kids Art Programs (KAPs) that endeavor to steer sharing the Kids Art voice in communities, schools and at Museum. Our Museum theme for 2021 -2025: A children’s art encouraging imagination, critical thinking, inspiring creative expressions through participatory exhibits, play and family bonding.

Vipawa Children’s Art Museum strongly believes that children are born artistic and need inspiration from people around them to live their dreams and discover their abilities. It is on this ground that we exist to share inspiration and a living experience of exploration through arts.

This museum continues to mobilize funding for both securing land premises and construction of a permanent home that will mainly house children’s art works, innovations and exhibition space for their creativity. We continue encourage us visit, share your ideas and give towards the heritage in enabling children’s arts abilities. The museum is a place where children and families are in a partnership of learning through interactive exhibits and discovery.

The 2024sqm structure is to contain exhibition spaces, fashion design workspace and production, art workshops, board rooms, restaurant, KAPs offices, NRC offices, Clinic, Volunteer office, Arts Hall of Fame, Children’s Art Library, play space, ICT control room, global art gallery, offices for rent, café, Museum Arts shop, information point, Music Studio space, alarm system for breach to facility, security cameras, Museum stores, staff restroom, Kids Theatre, Art research studio, Kids Animation studio, Jewelries Production, Arts Innovations and Inventions, Arts Lessons Studio, a designed gardens on the outside, artistic walls on the outside.


Bringing children’s art to life, securing a rich heritage for African cultures.[ZEAL]


To offer interactive learning experiences through arts that ignite curiosity, exploring and play with our exhibits, programs, collections and research.


To skilfully bridge the gap on untapped talents in children’s arts through cultural creativity and diversity, bringing families together in communities we serve.


Excellence – Be recognized for excellence in our collection, research, exhibitions, educational programs and other activities.

Accessibility – Ensure art and culture are physically and intellectually accessible to the communities through our exhibitions, programs, and other mission- driven activities.

Relevancy – Communicate the relevance of art and culture to the communities and be recognized as an irreplaceable part of the cultural life of Uganda and Africa.

Collaboration – Build an organizational culture that embraces collaboration based on the belief that together we can become stronger.

Accountability – Be conscientious and responsible in our use of resources; demonstrate credibility by upholding the highest ethical standards embracing transparency and accountability.

Responsiveness – Be responsive to the needs of the communities and recognize our role as a cultural resource to Uganda and Africa.

Growth – Be proactive in developing our collections, staff, programs, facilities, and the continual expansion of our presence in the communities.

We are working towards our first tangible impact that will be procuring land for the museum. We invite you join and take honor with NISSI REPHIDIM CARE in supporting our journey into a permanent new home for children’s arts .