Kids Art Creations Program

The art outreach program in communities inspires children artistically. Children are involved in Arts that nurture their skills cultural creativity and diversity, giving room to believe in their gifts and explore talents but as well into self-discovery. Please consider support our kid’s creativity with art materials or buying from their creations.

Kids Art Classes
This program provides children with an opportunity to develop their talents through various creative activities through the year; alongside having their work and performances at our exhibitions. This program runs on a monthly basis and termly. It takes six months for a child to come to the knowing of their creative art passion. So we journey with the child in growing their gifting with a storyline. The program registration is UGX 20,000, and monthly cost UGX 410,000 and termly UGX 820,000
Museum – Schools / ORGAnizations COLLABORATIONS

This program engages with primary schools/ organizations that believe that they can offer their children a ground to grow their abilities through our services. It extends to schools/organizations giving equal opportunities to children in schools/organizations grow their abilities through the arts alongside visiting the museum. We are able to identify and nurture talents; assess performance through the exhibitions that they partake.

Vipawa gives each child a ground to extend the message home about the museum. Museum education is also emphasized through the interactive learning.

Schools/organizations get to relate with the museum closely in appreciating its impact on every child’s mental, social development. The program costs are detailed in a proposal we share with the school/organization for the terms sharing an in-depth direction of the program.

Holiday Kids Art

This program serves holiday makers who come to experience arts through exploring, discovering, being curious and play at the Museum. Making the best of their holidays and gradually growing their abilities whilst spending meaningful time at the museum.

It gives children time to relate closely with their parents about the program as they engage, support and encourage their children.

The holiday program costs UGX 440,000 for three weeks with the creative’s.


The program was designed for weekend creative’s. This program is intended to see parents and children bond through arts activities; relate on an artistic ground and play.

The program fees are UGX 35,000 per weekend session and for 4 weekends UGX 140,000. Through these programs we appreciate the role of art education in modeling creative thinking through hands on engagements.