What We Do

Child Education and Learning

We value education as a driving tool to change the lives of the children as they grow; into leaders of our nation. Through our education program we are able to reach these children and an opportunity to share of the love of Jesus Christ.

Kids Art Creations Program

The art program is an outreach program in communities to inspire children artistically. Children are involved in Arts that nurture their skills cultural creativity and diversity, giving room to believe in their gifts and explore talents but as well into self-discovery. Through Kids Art we helping lives to appreciate art as a tool for positive change, therapy whilst a life skill. This is what makes NRC unique and how we stand out; we see this program reach across Africa as we realize resources; preserve the collections of children creativity.

Please consider support our kid’s creativity with art materials or buying from their creations, in so doing you’re helping the program meet its goal in bringing children’s art to life, securing a rich heritage for African cultures.

Kids Art Lessons

The Lessons are held at the Museum in the urban center at a reasonable fee for children in families well to do and love to learn art. Through these lessons we are able to support the art program that reaches rural communities. Art being a gifting we truly presume all children are gifted differently and embrace them all.


Children’s exhibitions to advance and promote their talents through displays. These being platforms to enable the children get exposure but also inspire and encourage children continuously practice. Details refer to the museum project.

Child Protection and Counseling

Children’s are always vulnerable to abuse in many ways.
Our child protection works to see that children under our care are not abused and the persons working around them are aware of the Child Protection Policy with the support of the Child Protection Coordinator and counselor handling the children disturbed and restless; struggling through life. This helps restore hope, belief and appreciation in the life of the children.