Nissi Rephidim Care emerged out of a deep desire to support children in leading better lives. Through our passion to make a difference among children; we serving to make the lives of children purposeful through their abilities. As we prepare children discover their abilities to gain exposure and practice while they grow their opportunities in the changing world that calls for skilling but also this being done out of Love

Our legacy is to uphold the talents, rights and beliefs of children freeing them from stigma, fear, giving them hope, enabling them through their talents and providing an education. Our Success is derived from God’s doings Isaiah 26:12 (GNB) [You will give us (Peace), Lord; everything that we achieve is a result of what you do]. Prayerfully, with the support from each of you, NRC will continue to grow and expand under God’s direction.


We are Children’s Advocates and that is why we are responsible for exciting children nurturing programs ensuring the children are free from stigma, abuse and happy in their family settings as we nurture growth and development.

We embarking on a project to enable serve better towards our development plan into independence. We decided to take the reins and do what NRC does best: working at creating exceptional art atmosphere and education in bridging the gap and enabling children’s abilities thrive.

In this journey your support in all spheres is welcome including expertise and advisory in skilling, administration, research, and children’s welfare.

We know from experience what it takes to nurture children under such circumstances; understanding the ingredients you need to make a change. Our greatest need here to attain the goal is support from financial, spiritual, physical, expertise to have much of the services a success adding to the difference of more children lives worldwide.

We’re very proud to say that ever since we began in 2012, our ministry has successfully kept to the calling amongst the lives of children while we invite you journey with us in all measures.


NRC Officially commenced on the 6th October 2012 to share and light up the lives of Orphans and other Vulnerable Children putting a smile on their heart. Our charity is an answer to the lives of children living under fear, abuse, and torture through sharing the blessings we have received amidst love, paving an education for every child and an inspiration to children discovering themselves through the arts.

From giving our children a strong sense of global residency, this is possible because of your contribution and support toward our work through Education and the Kids Art Creations Program that is pioneering the Vipawa Children’s Art Museum.


We’re passionate about creating better children’s environment for both their growth and development and undertaking research to improve their wellbeing; working to explore a living example for such young lives to thrive; a sustainability plan to independence.

To explore all of the work we do in nurturing children, we believe in raising children with values and leaders not forgetting the role of volunteers in making this a continued success.